Our vodkas are spirit drinks made from French wheat. Afterwards, we are always looking to bring a strong and differentiating identity to all our products. Finally, we produce our vodka in an artisanal way, we bottle and label each bottle by hand.

The ermine affixed with a hot iron is unique because we mark it manually. We pay the greatest attention to each step to offer you exceptional spirits. Our beverages are therefore made and distilled with Mammoth, a traditional 500L copper still and according to time-honoured methods. We sublimate the natural products of producer friends in priority in the bigouden country. Our short-term objective here is to source only raw materials without inputs (no chemicals) to transform them without addition.

Vodka is used in the composition of many cocktails. For example, we can cite here the moscow mule, the white russian or the cosmopolitan. For the classic moscow mule, in a mixing glass we pour 6 cl of Vigoudenn vodka. We then add the fresh lemon juice and top with ginger beer. Then we gently stir with the cocktail spoon, and we serve in a tumbler glass with a slice of lemon and a mint leaf. To make the Cosmopolitan recipe you must use a shaker. Mix 4 cl of vodka plus 2 cl of triple sec (cointreau, grand marnier), 2 cl of cranberry juice (cranberries) and 1 cl of lime juice. Pour into the Martini type glass while straining. You can garnish with a slice of lemon on the rim of the glass. Good tasting !

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