POLLY (English)


The first bigouden gin offers you a very fragrant, floral and very slightly citrusy nose.

70cl / 41% Vol.


Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

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Polly, the first Bigouden gin offers you a very fragrant, floral and very slightly citrusy nose.

Our beverages are therefore made and distilled with Mammoth, a traditional 500L copper still and according to time-honored methods. We sublimate the natural products of producer friends in priority in the bigouden country. Our short-term objective here is to source only raw materials without inputs (no chemicals) to transform them without addition. All production is manual and artisanal. Each bottle is numbered. The ermine on the cap affixed with a hot iron is unique because we mark it manually. We pay the greatest attention to each step to offer you exceptional spirits.

To be served neat, at cellar temperature between 13 and 16 degrees ideally, or in a chilled glass in the freezer.

Made with ingredients sourced as locally as possible: French wheat alcohol, juniper berries, lemon, maniguette, timut pepper, hibiscus flower, coriander, cherry stems and spring water from the distillery.

Tasting Notes

In the mouth, you have an attack on the juniper berry followed by the floral rise of the hibiscus. Then follows a fresher and greener note, minty or aniseed from coriander and mustard seed! We finish on the timut pepper and its spicy touch then the maniguette gives us all its pink grapefruit power continuing on a very long, super pleasant finish.


Try the timeless gin and tonic, in a high tumbler glass filled with ice, 4 to 5 cl of Polly gin and topped with tonic (about 8 cl) with a zest or half a slice of lemon.

70cl / 41% Vol.

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