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Doug is our first “bigoudène” specialty coffee liqueur !

50cl / 25% Vol.


Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

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Doug is our first "bigoudène" specialty coffee liqueur !

50cl / 25% Vol.

Tasting Notes

It offers a very rich nose, on coconut milk, red fruits like cherries and of course coffee!
On the palate, you have an attack on coconut and coconut milk by aging in bourbon barrels. Then comes a note of white-fleshed fruit like nectarine! Then the coffee is present and it ends on maple syrup and caramel.
To be served neat, at cellar temperature between 13 and 16 degrees ideally, or in a chilled glass in the freezer.
Ingredients: Wheat alcohol, water from the distillery, Ethiopia coffee dega/kudhume/wolisho ("Café qui fume" à Auray), sugar


Try Scotch Capuchin!
Mix 1.5 cl of Doug liqueur, 1.5 cl Cinnamon syrup, 3.5 cl of espresso and 5 cl of scotch whiskey in a shaker. Shake and strain everything into a martini glass. Sprinkle the surface with cinnamon for a finish and enhance the nose!

Pimp your Gins Tonics and your Negronis with 1cl of Doug coffee liqueur to amaze your loved ones and add a new dimension to your drinks!

For your tiramisus, moisten the biscuits with the Doug coffee liqueur!

Also mix the Doug liqueur in your dessert preparations such as your cake or pancake batters.

You can also add the liqueur to your custards or whipped creams!

You will certainly find other incredible ideas so do not hesitate to share them with us on our networks!

Our approach

Our beverages are therefore made and distilled with Mammoth, a traditional 500L copper still and according to time-honored methods. In order to sublimate the natural products of producer friends in priority in the bigouden country. Our short-term objective here is to source only raw materials without inputs (no chemicals) to transform them without addition. All production is manual and artisanal. Here each bottle is numbered. We pay the greatest attention to each step to offer you exceptional spirits.

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